Cynnent Lab

Co-invent and collaborate with Cynnent

Let us be your ally in taking your ideas from concept to reality. Our in-depth Framework & UX processes, our team of technology experts, combined with our technology stack will be the best partner to your innovation.

Lab as a Service

As a startup outsourcing company, we have a long history of working and catering startup IT services as tech partners with several tech startups transition from an idea through funding to a successful product.

Our Innovation Lab as a Service provides a thriving lean startup ecosystem, which without disrupting your current methods, processes, or operations, builds prototypes and MVPs in an iterative and accelerated manner with no operational overheads.

Empowering Startups At Every Stage

Our Expertise in Strategizing & Implementing a LaaS Solution that Enables Clients to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Minimal Viable Product

Build right thing that solves primary problem and identify product market fit as early as possible.

Complete Product Engineering

Comprehensive product engineering services to build, improve and scale products that truly covers the entire product lifecycle.

Technology Migration

Re-engineer and optimize existing products by assessing existing applications, pain areas and future business goals.

Startup / Product Advisory

Offer value added technology & business consultations to reduce the risks and increase the chances of success.


Cynnent Framework for Startups

Lab as a service means integrating innovation into your business by exploring, analyzing, and evaluating latest technologies and industry trends. Based on our thorough analysis, we build POCs, prototypes, and MVPs that are created to fulfill a specific market need. With our digital solutions and services, we automate infrastructure, build quality products, ensure test automation, simplify management, and use state-of-art tools to reduce costs and improve time to market.


Self-Organizing Cross Functional Teams

We deploy teams with a variety of skill sets, including full-stack engineers, UX experts, data scientists, and product owners. With an all-round team, your product is benefitted by the diverse perspectives of people with different areas of expertise. Our action-oriented self-starters focus on flexibility, quick turnarounds, and accountability. Since our focus is on releasing fast, we skip complex pipelines and testing in order to deliver a usable prototype in a matter of weeks.