Digital Integration

Accelerate new digital business models with API first approach

In a post-COVID era, our technology helps you drive the digital transformation of your organisation and keep up with change. Digital transformation is the positive impact a business needs.

Driving digital transformation with API-led integrations.

A successful 360-degree customer view is built by combining data from several applications, systems and data sources within an organization. Therefore integrations are one of the main drivers of the organization's successful digital transformation.

As the number of technologies and initiatives required to support digital transformation grows (e.g. cloud systems, APIs, IOT devices etc.), so too does the amount of integration work required. When using point-to-point integration solutions the projects tend to move slower. The organization’s IT department might not be able to deliver these initiatives at the speed the business requires. Also, these solutions offer limited reuse as there is no easy way to share the assets created. Plus some businesses might face challenges due to reliance upon monolithic legacy systems. These are a barrier to digital transformation. Some organizations have added products and processes hard-wired into these legacy systems, which has added complexity and has created a dependence upon understanding these outdated systems in order to implement new business processes.

Legacy Modernization

Expose your monolithic legacy applications-as-a-service, and build scalable and reusable applications with API-led connectivity.

API Business Strategy & Platform Management

Create a robust security infrastructure for integration across apps, devices and business; control end-user access to application functionality with API metering; and monetize APIs with scalable solutions.

Migration To Microservice-Based Systems

Identify processes for microservices implementation, microservices migration strategy, and microservices readiness assessment a roadmap definition.


How We Engage

Cynnent Digital works closely with our clients to provide high quality service offerings under the following engagement models
  • Integration & API Assessment to evaluate emerging technologies and their capabilities with an assessment conducted in terms of both technology matunty and effectiveness
  • Integration & API Roadmap essentially provides breakthrough to IT departments working in silos in order for the modern enterprise to excel in the digital landscape
  • Platform evaluation to select nght platform for integration ecosystem
  • Centre of Excellence providing standardization, robust governance. excellent asset base and centralized
  • API first approach for organizations to deliver digital transformation and innovate faster than the competition
  • Application Integration that allows modern architecture to be able to have hybnd strategy to synchronize key data elements across applications
  • Migration to incorporate new products and features available that an organization need to take advantage of in order to stay competitive
  • Transition from traditional integration platforms to open source Microservices based architecture to reduce overall Integration cost and simplify your
  • Governance Model that ensure proper tracking & reporting on the state of various application
  • Knowledge transfer toolset & framework to ensure smooth transition from development team to support team
  • End to end platform administration, tailored services & technology innovation
  • Hybrid model with onshore/offshore delivery model