NextGen Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the technology that automates conversations between companies and people. These conversations could be text-based or voice-based and can be run on any message or voice-based channels.

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Why Do Businesses Choose Conversational AI?

Conversational AI has come into prominence for being the main driving force behind a multi-billion dollar industry. With significant investments made into this technology, here are some reasons behind businesses choosing conversational AI.

  • Customer Frustration with call centre wait times
  • Complexity of Legacy Websites
  • Difficult to obtain information from multiple sources
  • Expectation of robust mobile apps
  • Slower Onboarding Time Maintaining Quality of Service

Introducing DoddleBuddy

DoodleBuddy takes conversational AI to the next level. Our solution, not only incorporates all aspects of conversational AI, but also lets you talk to your customers in multiple languages with Doodlebuddy, you can automate your end to end customer experience with B2H (bot to human) and H2H (human to human) interactions across Chatbot, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more channels.

Retail & e-Commerce

Drive Revenue

Boost profits by automating actions that increase sales and drive revenue 24/7.

  • Up-sell with related products, warranties and services.
  • Easily add items to orders
  • Offer personalised cross-sell opportunities
  • Recommend products based on past purchases
  • Manage subscriptions and sign ups

Customer Support

Reduce customer support costs by automating low value & repetitive enquiries around the clock.

  • Share return and refund policies
  • Help with warranties
  • Find nearest store
  • Check store hours
  • Inventory & stock levels
  • Provide fitting and sizing assistance
  • Live chat handover

Order Management

Easily handle basic customer requests and free up staff to add value where it matters the most.

  • Provide order tracking
  • Share delivery status updates
  • Assist with order changes and updates
  • Help make exchanges

Financial Services & Insurance

Account Management

Dramatically reduce wait times and contact centre inefficiencies by empowering customers to self-serve.

  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Change passwords
  • Update personal information
  • Check account balances
  • Find account numbers
  • Solve account access issues

Customer Support

Reduce your cost to serve by automating customer enquiries and give your customer the support they need, instantly.

  • Get information on credit limits, interest rates etc.
  • Submit and manage claims
  • Credit checks, pre-assessments and approvals
  • Compare plans
  • Provide policy details and payment options
  • Find nearest branch and opening hours
  • Share fees, rates and charges
  • Provide status updates
  • Hand over to live agents

Drive Revenue

Effortlessly increase conversions and automate actions that drive revenue with proactive, personalised conversations.

  • Provide online quotes
  • Automate application processes
  • Promos, special offers and add-ons
  • Book appointments
  • Share reward program information
  • Promote new products and services
  • Apply for new cards, loans, mortgages


Customer Support

Reduce wait times and call volumes by providing instant answers to customer requests, no matter the time of day.

  • Updates on outages
  • Set up & installation
  • Schedule a technician
  • Usage & meter reading
  • Start service

Account Management

Handle high volumes of customer enquiries with ease by automating the resolution of low-value, repetitive tasks.

  • Update contact details
  • Update billing information
  • Password resets
  • Check balances
  • View & update plans
  • Update payment options
  • Account troubleshooting

Drive Revenue

Automate actions that increase revenue by providing personalised digital experiences anywhere, anytime.

  • Upgrade plans & products
  • Offer promotions, rewards & discounts
  • Make account payments
  • Up-sell with related products & services
  • Extended warranties
  • Manage subscriptions & sign-ups