Master data management (MDM)

The Value Of Single Source Of Truth

Master data management gives you a single authoritative view of information and eliminates costly
inefficiencies caused by data silos.

What is Master Data Management?

Data insights have become very important measures of success for organizations. This makes it even more important to ensure the organizational data is useful and trustworthy. With more and more data being generated and used, it becomes vital for organizations to manage this data. MDM or Master Data management, aims at providing clean, accurate, consistent and quality data across the organization, along with access management and making further actions on the data more explicit.

Why do businesses need an MDM?

MDM is critical for financial reporting, customer management, customer care, compliance, product regulatory adherence, cross selling and up-selling, privacy management, supply chain, security management and many others by

  • Recognition, linking and synchronizing organizational data from various sources into master data.
  • Central system of record for master data.
  • Manage and create data using the same platform.
  • Generate trusted versions of the data that is access controlled.
  • Support data governance requirements.
  • Easy to implement in self-service mode.

MDM Approach

Our 5 Step MDM Approach

  1. Profile Master Data
    Our MDM solution profiles the data for each master data business entry and manages them in a central repository. Data quality rules are applied by highlighting key problem areas to estimate the business impact.

  2. Consolidate migrated data
    Collecting and consolidating the data that is obtained from various siloed heterogeneous IT environments by applying data insights rules to standardize and match master data attributes during the MDM process.

  3. Cleanse and Govern data
    This is a 2 step process:
    Step a. Cleanse data by standardizing, correcting errors, removing duplicates, and matching data.
    Step b. Governs data by applying data definitions, data quality rules, privacy and regulatory policies, auditing and access control definitions. practices.

  4. Collaborate
    Consolidate and synchronize master data with existing systems, enterprise applications, and repositories.

  5. Leverage
    The MDM process produces one golden record which acts as the single source of truth for all master data. This record provides key insights for better decision making.


Our Solutions

  • Customer MDM
  • Product MDM
  • Supplier MDM
  • Assets MDM
  • Currencies
  • Members
  • Providers
  • Producers

What are the benefits of our MDM solution?

We can help with your MDM initiatives to take you to new levels of success leveraging our expertise, services, and solutions.

  • Improve data quality
  • Efficient data governance
  • A single source of truth, the ‘golden record’ Ensure compliance
  • Collect analytical data for enterprise consumption
  • Get customer insights
  • Get more up sell/ cross sell opportunities